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Marsha in her father’s favorite Cadillac 2016

Marsha Plafkin

Marsha is the founder and sole owner of Art as Responsa. Traditionally, Responsa are rabbinic answers to religious questions.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Calvin College and a Master of Arts in Hebrew Bible from The Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

“Mom’s Painting” Acrylic on Canvas 2015

Fine Art

Marsha works primarily in oil and acrylic paint on canvas, and hand-built ceramic.

The Braille Dreidel by Marsha Plafkin 2002

The Braille Dreidel

Marsha designed The Braille Dreidel in 2002. This design inspired The Braidel Game, which engages students in a game of blindfolded dreidel, followed by discourse and learning.

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Contemporary Judaica

Marsha founded Art as Responsa with Hebrew texted-based art programs in 1988 and began 3D design in 1999.

Marsha’s first 3D designs were manufactured in aluminum, including: The Inverted Menorah, Eve & Adam Candelabra, Challah Bread Plate, Kiddish Cups, and of course The Braille Dreidel.

The Nu!Shu by Art as Responsa (KEDS version)

The Nu!Shu

Marsha designed The Nu!Shu in 2009 on Zazzle, manufactured by KEDS. Her design plays on two words:

The first word is Nushu, a secret Chinese language developed by artists as an act of rebellion.

These artists would not accept laws that prevented women from learning to read.

The second word is Nu, Yiddish for “What!”, used to inquire — and to challenge.

Mr. Bear, an illustrated book for children

Illustrated Books

Marsha has written and illustrated several self-published books, including Mr. Bear, Up 2 Snuff, George, The Year of FTC, and Blue Paper on Israel.

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